Office Orders

E.g., 2017-18
E.g., 26/06/2019
E.g., 26/06/2019
S.N. Title Office Order No. Year Date Detail
71 Extension of leave ex-india leave to Shri S.K. Samal, Addl. DGFT. Office Order No.65-HRD-I 2018-19 05/07/2018 PDF icon Download
72 Md. Moin Afaque, Asstt. DGFT is taken on the strength of this Directorate. Office Order No.66-HRD-I 2018-19 05/07/2018 PDF icon Download
73 Sh. S.K. Mohapatra, Dy.DGFT is assigned additional charge of Export Cell (non-SCOMET). Office Order No.67-HRD-I 2018-19 05/07/2018 PDF icon Download
74 Joining - Trasfer posting order Shri S. Vasudevan, ASO. Office Order No.34-HRD-II 2018-19 04/07/2018 PDF icon Download
75 Transfer - Posting Office Order No.64-HRD-I 2018-19 27/06/2018 PDF icon Download
76 Transfer - Posting of PPS Office Order No.29-HRD-II 2018-19 20/06/2018 PDF icon Download
77 Transfer or Posting Office Order No.60-HRD-I 2018-19 14/06/2018 PDF icon Download
78 Shri Devender Singh is promoted to the Post of DDG in Level-11 of the pay matrix Office Order No.59-HRD-I 2018-19 14/06/2018 PDF icon Download
79 Distribution of work for disposal of pending cases under Norms Committee-3 Office Order No.57-HRD-I 2018-19 12/06/2018 PDF icon Download
80 Shri Chandrakanth Reddy Mallu, Asstt.DGFT posted as OSD Office Order No.56-HRD-I 2018-19 08/06/2018 PDF icon Download