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Trade Notices

E.g., 21/08/2018
E.g., 21/08/2018
Trade Notices
S.No. Notice No. Subject Date Details
1 Trade Notice No.25/2018-19 Allowing import of 125 MT of Peas or less (entire quantity as applied) per contract irrespective of advance payment made before 25.04.2018 17/08/2018 Download (196.28 KB) pdf
2 Trade Notice No.24/2018-19 Status of Norms Fixation of Advance Authorisations obtained under Self declaration basis- reg 16/08/2018 Download (505.1 KB) pdf
3 Trade Notice No.23/2018-19 Amendment in Policy and Procedure for online IEC applications 08/08/2018 Download (1.48 MB) pdf
4 Trade Notice No.22/2018-19 Activation of E-com module for applying for SEIS, based on ANF 3B as notified vide Public Notice No.15/2015-20 dated 28.06.2018. 30/07/2018 Download (362.66 KB) pdf
5 Trade Notice No.21/2018-19 Treatment the peas (other than Yellow Peas) imported during the period 25.04.2018 to 15.05.2018. 06/07/2018 Download (499.6 KB) pdf
6 Trade Notice No.20/2018-19 Issuance of export authorisation/license by DGFT (Hqrs.) for export of SCOMET items. 06/07/2018 Download (356.68 KB) pdf
7 Trade Notice No.19/2018-19 Implementation of Notification No.04 dated 25.04.2018. 05/07/2018 Download (487.57 KB) pdf
8 Trade Notice No.18/2018-19 Submission of application seeking authorization for import/export of restricted items through e-mail. 20/06/2018 Download (536.23 KB) pdf
9 Trade Notice No.17/2018-19 EODC Camp in RAs during 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018. 07/06/2018 Download (486.44 KB) pdf
10 Trade Notice No.16/2018-19 Benefit of Focus Product Scheme to HS Code 8481-FTP 2009-14 07/06/2018 Download (438.6 KB) pdf
11 Trade Notice No.15/2018-19 Doing away with the requirement of DSC for online/digital payment through e-MPS. 04/06/2018 Download (400.81 KB) pdf
12 Trade Notice No.14/2018-19 Guidelines for filing/processing of MEIS applications in case of Project Exports 30/05/2018 Download (675.42 KB) pdf
13 Trade Notice No.13/2018-19 Quota allotted under the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement : Minutes of the Meeting dated 9.5.2018 22/05/2018 Download (301.04 KB) pdf
14 Trade Notice No.12/2018-19 Implementation of Notification No.4 dated 25.4.2018 -reg 18/05/2018 Download (313.84 KB) pdf
15 Trade Notice No.11/2018-19 Extension of date for mandatory digital payment through e-MPS 18/05/2018 Download (420.05 KB) pdf
16 Trade Notice No.10/2018-19 Clarification regarding DGFT Notification No.4 & 5. 16/05/2018 Download (524.41 KB) pdf
17 Trade Notice No.09/2018-19 Implementation of MOU between India and Mozambique for import of pulses from Mozambique. 16/05/2018 Download (781.11 KB) pdf
18 Trade Notice No.08/2018-19 Public Notice No.33 dated 23.10.2017 applied to all scrips under Chapter 3 of FTP. 15/05/2018 Download (428.23 KB) pdf
19 Trade Notice No.07/2018-19 Non-submission of complete Appendix 4E, containing technical details, chemical reactions and data sheet for advance authorisation applications on self declaration basis under Para 4.04 and 4.07 of HBP for cases relating to NC-4 14/05/2018 Download (330.34 KB) pdf
20 Trade Notice No.06/2018-19 Laying down of modalities for import of Pigeon Peas ( Cajanus Cajan)/ Toor Dal, Moong/Urad dal for the fiscal year 2018-2019 11/05/2018 Download (609.6 KB) pdf