Adjudication/Appellate Orders passed by RAs/SEZs

E.g., 26/06/2019
E.g., 26/06/2019
E.g., 26/06/2019
S.N. Office Order Type Order No. Order Date Name of Party RA File No. Text of Order Category IEC Issued By
31 Ludhiana Adjudication(Order in Original) 9.394.AM19.ECA 08/05/2019 GRS Industries Ltd. EPCG-939AM09 PDF icon GRS Industries Ltd. Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3005014223 Deputy DGFT
32 Madurai Adjudication(Order in Original) 35210400008AM15 08/05/2019 SAI FLEXI BAG PVT. LTD. 35210400008AM15 PDF icon ADV.AUTHORIZATION-NONFULFILLMENT OF EO Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 3507007304 Deputy DGFT
33 Ludhiana Adjudication(Order in Original) 9.380.AM19.ECA 07/05/2019 Best Milk Products Pvt.Ltd. EPCG-960.AM09 PDF icon Best Milk Product Pvt.Ltd. Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3008010563 Deputy DGFT
34 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400015AM19 06/05/2019 Chandra Metals Ltd 039404000183AM06 PDF icon Download The file (176.42 KB) Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 0693003341 Addl.DGFT
35 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400119AM19 06/05/2019 Dosch Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd 038417100498AM17 PDF icon 031614400119AM19_Dosch Pharmaceuticals pvt.ltd_.pdf Chapter 3 of FTP/HBP 0397010079 Addl.DGFT
36 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400125AM19 06/05/2019 Impress Challenge 318004000155AM02 PDF icon 031614400125AM19_Impress Challenge.pdf Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 3100006046 Addl.DGFT
37 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400091AM19 06/05/2019 Texol Engineering Pvt Ltd 318204000283AM15 PDF icon 031614400091AM19_Texol Engineering pvt.ltd_.pdf Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 3106010878 Addl.DGFT
38 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400217AM19 06/05/2019 Saw Pipes Ltd 312104000484AM07 PDF icon 031614400217AM19_Saw Pipes ltd.pdf Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 0588137235 Addl.DGFT
39 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400305AM19 06/05/2019 Decon India Plastics Pvt Ltd 318304000099AM16 PDF icon 031614400305AM19_ Decon Ind Plastics pvt ltd.pdf Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 0311026478 Addl.DGFT
40 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400296AM19 06/05/2019 Aquatech Systems (Asia) Pvt Ltd 318204000176AM16 PDF icon 031614400296AM19_Aquatech Systems pvt.ltd_.pdf Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 3198008671 Addl.DGFT