Adjudication/Appellate Orders passed by RAs/SEZs

E.g., 16/06/2019
E.g., 16/06/2019
E.g., 16/06/2019
S.N. Office Order Type Order No. Order Date Name of Party RA File No. Text of Order Category IEC Issued By
61 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400076AM19 06/05/2019 Sudatta Mandal 039504000332AM09 PDF icon 031614400076AM19_Mr. Sudatta Mandal.pdf Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 0391150952 Addl.DGFT
62 Mumbai Appellate (Order in Appeal) 031614400072AM19 06/05/2019 Sejal Glass Ltd 039504000050AM09 PDF icon 031614400072AM19_Ms Sejal Glass ltd.pdf Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 0399017062 Addl.DGFT
63 Coimbatore Adjudication(Order in Original) 322102101796AM06 04/05/2019 LOYAL KNIT WEAR 322102101796AM06 PDF icon 1796AM06 LOYAL KNITWEAR.pdf Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3294002190 Joint DGFT
64 Coimbatore Adjudication(Order in Original) 322102100821AM07 04/05/2019 CURRENT TRENDS 322102100821AM07 PDF icon 821AM07 CURRENT TRENDS.pdf Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3295012253 Joint DGFT
65 Coimbatore Adjudication(Order in Original) 322102100811AM07 04/05/2019 JEYAM EMBRO 322102100811AM07 PDF icon 811AM07 JEYAM EMBRO.pdf Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3206000068 Joint DGFT
66 Coimbatore Adjudication(Order in Original) 322102100889AM06 04/05/2019 KMS MILLS PRIVATE LIMITED 322102100889AM06 PDF icon 889AM06 KMS MILLS P.LTD_.pdf Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3205003560 Joint DGFT
67 Coimbatore Adjudication(Order in Original) 322102101222AM07 04/05/2019 AYYAPPA KNITS 322102101222AM07 PDF icon 1222AM07 AYYAPPA KNITS.pdf Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3296014063 Joint DGFT
68 Coimbatore Adjudication(Order in Original) 322102101219AM07 04/05/2019 CHERAN COLLARS 322102101219AM07 PDF icon 1219AM07 CHERAN COLLARS.pdf Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 3206008701 Joint DGFT
69 Kolkata Appellate (Order in Appeal) 187017 18ECAKOLAPPEAL-211 03/05/2019 SHREE HANUMAN FLOUR MILL 187017 18ECAKOLAPPEAL-211 PDF icon SHREE HANUMAN FLOUR MILL Chapter 5 of FTP/HBP 2303001757 Addl.DGFT
70 Kolkata Adjudication(Order in Original) 022104000128AM15 02/05/2019 ARISTO TEXCON PVT. LTD. 022104000128AM15 PDF icon ORDER-IN-ORIGINAL Chapter 4 of FTP/HBP 0297005821 Joint DGFT