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Aayat Niryat Forms

Sl.No. ANF Subject Attachment
1 ANF-1 Profile of Exporter and Importers Download  (Type : PDF)
2 ANF-2A Application form for New IEC Number & Amendment Download  (Type : PDF)
3 ANF-2B Application form for I Card Download  (Type : PDF)
4 ANF-2C Application form for RCMC Download  (Type : PDF)
5 ANF-2D Application form for seeking relaxation in Policy and Procedure in terms of Para 2.58 of FTP Download  (Type : PDF)
6 ANF-2E Application Performa for seeking Personal Hearing in terms of Para 2.59 of FTP for grievance representation Download  (Type : PDF)
7 ANF-2F Application Performa for seeking clarifications on foreign trade policy Download  (Type : PDF)
8 ANF-2G Application form for seeking refund of fee paid in excess-not payable Download  (Type : PDF)
9 ANF-2H Application form for free sale and commerce certificate Download  (Type : PDF)
10 ANF-2I Application For Free Sale & Commerce Certificate For Items Other Than Medical Devices-Instruments Download  (Type : PDF)
11 ANF-2J Application form for End User Certificate under Para 2.38 of HBP Download  (Type : PDF)
12 ANF-2K Application form for import Certificate-(Indo-US) Download  (Type : PDF)
13 ANF-2L Application form for Recognition as Pre-shipment Inspection Agency for metal scrap Download  (Type : PDF)
14 ANF-2M Application form for Import of Restricted items Download  (Type : PDF)
15 ANF-2N Application form for Export Licence for Restricted Items Download  (Type : PDF)
16 ANF-2O Application form for Export of SCOMET items listed in Appendix 3 to Schedule 2 of ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import items Download  (Type : PDF)
17 ANF-2P Application form for request for entering into an arrangement or understanding that involves site visit, on-site verification or access to records- documentation as mentioned in Appendix 3 of Schedule 2 of ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import items Download  (Type : PDF)
18 ANF-2Q Application for export of samples or exhibits, gifts, spares, replacement goods other than SCOMET Items Download  (Type : PDF)
19 ANF-4A Application for issue of Advance Authorisation-Advance Authorisation for Annual Requirement - Advance Authorisation for Invalidation - ARO Download  (Type : PDF)
20 ANF-4B Application for Fixation - Modification - Revision of Standard Input Output Norms (SION) Download  (Type : PDF)
21 ANF-4C Application for Clubbing of Advance Authorisations Download  (Type : PDF)
22 ANF-4E Application for Advance Authorisation - Advance Release Order (ARO) - Invalidation Letter for Pharmaceutical Products, manufactured through NonInfringing (NI) process Download  (Type : PDF)
23 ANF-4G Application for issue of Transferable Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) (including for ARO and Invalidation Letter Download  (Type : PDF)
24 ANF-4H Application for issue of GEM REP Authorisation Download  (Type : PDF)
25 ANF-4I Application for Issue of Nominated Agency Certificate (NAC) - Renewal of Nominated Agency Certificate Download  (Type : PDF)
26 ANF-5A Application for issue of EPCG Authorisation Download  (Type : PDF)
27 ANF-5B Application for Redemption of EPCG Authorisation Download  (Type : PDF)
28 ANF-5C Application for Clubbing of EPCG Authorisations Download  (Type : PDF)
29 ANF-6A Application for setting up of new EOU-EHTP-STP-BTP Unit and-or conversion of existing DTA unit to EOU-EHTP-STP-BTP unit. Download  (Type : PDF)
30 ANF-6B Application for Extension of Letter of Permission (LOP) Download  (Type : PDF)
31 ANF-6C Application for Advance DTA sale Download  (Type : PDF)
32 ANF-6D Application for Exit from EOU-EHTP-STP-BTP scheme Download  (Type : PDF)
33 ANF-7A Application for refund of TED-Duty Drawback-Fixation of Brand Rate Download  (Type : PDF)
34 ANF-7B Application for interest claim on delayed payment of TED-Duty drawback Download  (Type : PDF)
35 ANF-8A Application for registering complaint for quality complaint-Trade dispute Download  (Type : PDF)
36 ANF-4F Application for waiver of Bond-redemption of Authorisation Download  (Type : PDF)
37 ANF-4D Application for Enhancement in CIF-FOB vale of Authorisation - EOP Extension - Revalidation of Authorisation Download  (Type : PDF)
38 ANF-3D Application Form for Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) using ecommerce platform Download  (Type : PDF)
39 ANF-3C Application for Grant of Status Certificate Download  (Type : PDF)
40 ANF-3B Application Form for Service Exports From India Scheme (SEIS) Download  (Type : PDF)
41 ANF-3A Application Form for Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) Download  (Type : PDF)