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e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)

What is e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC)

Registration-Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) is a certificate that validates an exporter dealing with products registered with an agency / organization that are authorised by the Indian Government. The certificate is issued for five financial years by the Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) / Commodity board / Development authority or other competent authority in India. These bodies function as the Registering Authority to issue the RCMC to its user. An exporter desiring to obtain an RCMC has to declare his mainstream business in the application. This application would be submitted to the related Registering Authority.

A total number of 26 Export Promotion Councils and 9 commodities board are present in India. Commodities board and the EPCs in India are the concerned authorities for issuing RCMC. These institutions have been authorised by the Central Government to issue RCMC to the exporters. Every EPC and the commodities board in India categories itself depending on the type of products. The RCMC shall be deemed to be valid from 1st April of the licensing year in which it was issued and shall be valid for 5 financial years ending 31st March of the licensing year, unless otherwise is specified.

Pre-Requisites for RCMC

You need an active IEC to apply for RCMC. You need an updated IEC Profile and linked Digital Signature token or Aadhaar e-Signature for submitting the application.