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Generate e-BRC

Please refer to the below defined self-certification based eBRC generation guidelines.

Stakeholder feedback (if any) on the concordance or the rulesets may be submitted to as per Trade Notice 33 / 2023-24 Dated 10th November 2023.

General Guidelines for Generating eBRC (Last Updated on 10-Nov-2023)

  1. IRM of the same currency can only be clubbed.
  2. IRM of the same bank name can only be clubbed.
  3. Users cannot generate eBRC for Purpose Codes P0101 and P0108.
  4. To generate the eBRC for purpose code P0103 for stand-alone or with clubbed, shipping bill /Invoice date should be greater than or equal to the remittance date. No eBRC generation to be allowed before the shipping bill/invoice date for advance payment.
  5. P0103 can be used standalone to generate eBRC.
  6. P0103 can be clubbed with P0807 in case of Services > IT.
  7. P0103 can be clubbed with any of the 01 Product Groups except P0101 and P0108.
  8. P0103 can be clubbed with P1505 to generate eBRC.
  9. No two purpose codes will be allowed to be clubbed to generate the single eBRC Except P0103 (Advance payment) which can be clubbed with any other purpose codes for inward remittance.
  10. For Services > IT, only these four purpose codes are applicable - P0802, P0803, P0807, and P0103.
  11. In case the "AD code in the shipping bill" does not match with the "Remittance AD Code" from IRM, then a warning message will be displayed to the user: "AD Code Mismatch in Shipping Bill and IRM. Kindly change the AD Code of the Shipping Bill with your mentioned Bank AD Code."
  12. In the case of Service Exports, Exporters will be able to view and attach invoices that have SAC codes matching the description of the same services only.